Minnesota Home Video Tour

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset and then sighed because you think the lens is unable to capture its beauty? We here at Mint Real Estate change that perspective. Our professionals are so talented with the lens that they are not only capable of grasping the real beauty of the Estate sites but also equipped to make the viewers feel the same exhilarating way that we do on a shoot.

Our project, the video shoot of 305 W 82nd St., gives a clear insight into the detailed and precise workings of our video tours.

We use state of the art HDR technology to capture wide angles while utilizing the natural light for the best possible shots. The way we produce and shoot the video tour successfully captures the appeal and charm of the site, making the viewers satisfied with the detailing that we package in the short yet subtle, classy and elaborate video tour. By using HDR technology, various angles, quick motions, and focusing only on the details and the beauty of the site, we proudly present this service of video tours to our clients. We absolutely love showcasing the natural beauty of any area, and our passion is visibly translated into such successful video shoots. We pay beautiful homage to your wonderful property and make it alluring by using our professional services for a well-shot video tour.

If you feel like you have a beautiful property which deserves a fitting video to showcase it to your clients, contact us. We are capable of capturing beautiful architecture imagery and short, appealing videos to enable you to get more listings, more showings, and more offers! What’s more, is that you make the appointment, we shoot the video, and you receive a professionally shot video within 24 hours only!

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